Top 10 best online casinos for real money, player reviews, as well as their experience of playing in various institutions

Today we will try to understand what kind of gambling animal it is and what it is eaten with, select the top 10 best online casinos for real money in 2021, and also analyze real reviews of people. Let’s start with a list of the best.

Top casinos according to player reviews

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Real reviews of online casinos

On various sites, there are a lot of paid reviews with advertising or, on the contrary, paid for by black PR of this or that casino. We have selected for you only real reviews (as far as possible) from verified participants of various resources with experience of the game for several months or more.

Oleg, 31 years old, Kazan:

I’ll tell you by my own example: I personally played in several establishments, and from my own experience I can say that winning regularly is real, but of course it’s easier to lose than to win. Among the huge number and variety and analysis of various lists of the best online casinos, I have chosen “Volcano Deluxe”, because of its diverse statistics and a large number of different games, many promotions and tournaments. Another of the little things for which “Vulcan” was chosen is the mobile version, which is perfectly worked out and no worse than at the computer. Recommend.

Sergey, 23 years old, Perm:

I played for 4 months, first I won, and then I kind of lost everything. Kidalova is your casino, I played Grands Slots, I won, but the money was not allowed to be withdrawn. There is no money for free! Cheating! I’m going to work for my 20,000 a month.

Mikhail Petrovich, 44 years old, Naberezhnye Chelny:

I have been playing for 3 months already, mostly at a minimum, I am not in a hurry for huge winnings. So far, zero, but I feel that if you find a strategy, you can play a plus. Let’s continue! Now I like Playfortuna.

Igor, 28 years old, Moscow:

I want to say that in the reviews, many speak badly about online casinos, since they got to a scam with a safe roulette system, there is no such thing as a safe system. If you know this, then you simply will not scream and cry. There is a lot of negativity because advertising is fraudulent and there are many promises. And in general, this is a great way to relax and you can even make money. I choose Vulcan (now Deluxe) because it is the most convenient and cool mobile version and fast payouts.

Svyatoslav, 33 years old Novosibirsk:

Which casino is better to play? I tried several projects. Two were thrown with payments. Then I started to figure it out, it turned out that they were leftists without licenses. I read the Old. Now I use Vulcan and Booi, while everything is ok, even in a small plus, money is withdrawn. Do not meddle with the first thing that comes across, go only to the best casinos!

Vsevolod, 27 years old, Kaliningrad:

I play from time to time in different casinos and sometimes I win, but I lose more. I do not use any strategies and do not study any ratings of the best online casinos on various sites. I just play for fun, it’s great. My advice and feedback is this: play but be careful and read all the attached information, so as not to be deceived. And the most important thing is to control your emotions and passion, otherwise all this may end badly for you. And don’t waste a lot of money)

Arkady, 24 years old, Tynda:

I play Rocks. The first month I was losing, now I found a strategy and for the third month in the black. Earned $ 2000 this month. Like this 🙂 I will not tell, otherwise everyone will start doing this and my strategy will come to an end, so somehow the guys themselves)

What conclusion can be drawn from our analytics and real reviews of people about the casino? Of course, if you choose unclear which establishments and play without a strategy, then of course there are no chances in the long term. But if you come up with your head and choose the best online casinos, then the chances are good. All in your hands.

What is the principle of the rating of the best online casinos

The rating of the best online casinos was compiled by our experts. They took into account many criteria, including:

  • Availability of a license. A gambling establishment must have permits for conducting gambling activities.
  • Assortment of games. It is important that the gambling club offers its clients a variety of entertainment: from “one-armed bandits” and modern slots to roulettes and cards.
  • Available bonuses. The presence of rewards in the casino allows you to make the game more profitable. The rating includes establishments with the best bonus offers.
  • Withdrawal speed. It makes no sense to play where you have to wait a long time for the payment of winnings. The rating includes establishments where cash-out takes no more than a day.
  • 24/7 technical support. It is important that clients can contact support at any time.

When compiling the rating, other less significant criteria were also taken into account. All this allowed us to compile a list of the best casinos for gambling.

Is this a game or can you still make money on this?

As I said, there is a certain percentage of players who manage to raise good amounts in a casino with a real withdrawal of money, but it is small.

I know that some players manage to calculate the algorithms of the system by analyzing and observing it during the game, and then for some time they can earn cosmic money.

It’s up to you to decide. We still would not recommend thinking about it as earning, since the risks are high.

There are still many “special courses” on the network, which supposedly can provide a stable income in a casino. They usually have positive reviews and maybe even videos. But to understand their essence, you need to answer just one question: “Why sell a scheme that brings a stable income?” We do not recommend them.

How much can you earn in a casino?

In the last couple of months, when analyzing various reviews on the network, we found more than 40 where people talked about a decent (from $ 2000) stable monthly earnings for a long period (from 6 months) in an online casino. We were certainly too lazy and did not contact everyone. In general, we managed to hook up and communicate with several people. And so they talked the interlocutors that two of them even showed us their statistics on Skype, albeit, unfortunately, with a ban on publication. 

We compared the reviews of the online casino game from a year or two years ago with the fresh opinions of the players, and found that now many more people are winning!

That is, it finally dawned on the owners of the establishments that if they do not give winnings, then there will be no trust in the casino. You can buy up all the ads and pay for all the top ratings of the best casinos and write hundreds of reviews on different sites, but if the product is weak, people won’t play with you. You need to keep a small profit for yourself and let people periodically pick up the jackpots, this is the only way to achieve the popularization of this kind of activity! 

3 of the most interesting reviews from those with whom we managed to communicate.

Oleg, 28 years old:

Damn, it’s better not to tell your family about income schemes on the Internet. And even more so about the game. Relatives, as a rule, simply do not know, do not understand and think that all this is a scam. And they constantly drip on your brains and dissuade you. And only now, when I have been pulling substantial sums from the Internet for more than a year, they have calmed down and do not terrorize me. Thank you anyway) 

Of course, the scam is full of the network, but at the same time, there are hundreds of real ways of earning from risk-free with small incomes to high-risk ones with the possibility of losing what you already have, but at the same time, you can multiply your funds hundreds of times, without exaggeration! Where there are big risks and possible large income, you need to invest your money, this is how the system works.

Now I’m looking at my statistics. I have increased my investments 131 times in 16 months)) 70% of all income came from online casinos. I won’t write about money, I don’t want to get fired up (money loves silence). 

Now about the casino. A year ago, I tried and quit, because it was impossible to win, gambling establishments simply did not leave any chances and practically left all the players with their noses. About 8 months ago, I decided to try again, and I saw that the situation began to change, and there were huge opportunities for earning money in this direction. I use popular strategies and add my own ideas and observations to them. All this is not so difficult to figure out if you dive in for a couple of weeks and allocate funds for experiments.

Peter, 43 years old:

I don’t treat it as a game, as many people do. This is the same job for me – one of my activities. Today I have the biggest income from casinos. After two weeks of a dense analysis of the ratings of the best casinos for money, I identified patterns in the algorithms in terms of time, bet amounts, and a number of other parameters. I already define some aspects with a probability of 80%, some by 60-70%.

The more experience, the better the results and the higher ROI (indicators of profitability).

I work on three main sites and two backup sites, I use no more than two in one day. Now the main ones are Deluxe Volcano, The Rocks and Playfortuna. Once a month I run a test of new establishments, and evaluate the chances of success of my work in them. If after the tests the chances are high, then I add them to the reserve list. I will not describe everything here in detail, since I do not want my systems to leak into the network. I am afraid that if they start to be used en masse, casinos may tighten the screws on some points. 

In general, it is not difficult, but you need to be observant, have patience, endurance and clearly follow the plan. I gave you a little information in my review, and then ourselves. Good luck!

Timur, 25 years old:

I do not see this as a prospect of earning for decades, since everything can change. This is an opportunity for me to make money here and now. My experience is 9 months. The first 3 were in the red, then 6 were in positive territory, the income is constantly growing. Earned $ 10,378 last month. I worked out a system in which I devote exactly 3 hours to the game on weekdays (15 hours a week). 

At the start, I took several consultations, like specialists. Everything turned out to be full of slag. I did everything according to the instructions for 3 months in a row and was in the red. 

As soon as I began to think with my head and not rely on someone, I immediately came out with a plus. Do not repeat my mistakes and do not take advice and training on this topic. Today there is simply no worthy one.  I think Rocks is the best online casino today. By the way, based on my personal experience, I write reviews about different casinos, including for this site.

What is the difference between online casinos and ordinary ones?

There is a huge number of different types of casinos on the Internet, and a lot of sites with various ratings of the best. Everything seems to be going well – you don’t need to go anywhere, just register, replenish your account and “skim the cream off”. However, everything is not as simple as it seems at first glance.

Data on the dynamics of the number of gamblers and online casinos in recent years, the turnover of funds in the Russian-speaking gambling segment and other interesting information can be found in the infographics:

In a real gambling establishment, several players are sitting at the table and there is a mandatory presence of a croupier who monitors the game and accepts bets. Usually the casino itself wins and the players lose. Accordingly, the casino pays the winnings out of the pockets of the losers.

The gambling club always remains in the black. Firstly, if a player wins a good amount, then he will be a kind of advertisement for a gambling establishment. Secondly, having won once, a person will most likely come to try his luck again.

Things are a little different in online casinos. There is a special program that imitates absolutely everything – roulette, poker, Black Jack, etc. In other words, you will be playing against the house itself anyway. If an online casino is just a program, what prevents you from setting it up according to a certain principle? After all, you will not be able to find out this, much less prove it. As a result, the casino will always be in the black, otherwise why would they do it.

But, it is worth noting that normal casinos with a real withdrawal of money keep a small part of the profit and let people win. And at the end we have that some people lose, and some win. Of course, those who win are less than those who lose. That’s the way it works.

By law, the game situation is not a matter of dispute, that is, if some kind of failure occurs and you lose your funds, you will not be able to prove anything. You can very quickly lose all your investments and be left with nothing.

This is usually the case for one-day casinos that want to earn as much as possible quickly and close after a while. Do not play anywhere, register on proven resources, where it is possible to win and withdraw money. Choose a casino from our top 10 list and don’t experiment with unverified casinos.

Naturally, the owners of such one-day services attract new players in every possible way. The casinos promise huge bonuses, special service, 24/7 customer support, etc. They are simply interested in the endless cash flow that will settle in the casino accounts. You can find cheated and paid praise for such companies, screenshots with huge amounts on the account and much more, but there are even more angry comments where people complain that the casino simply deceived them or did not pay the funds.

What’s the bottom line?  As already mentioned, the casino will always be in the black, but there is always an option when you will also be in the black at the expense of those who play mindlessly without a head. Maybe this is not income for them, but just an excuse to relax after hard work, this is also common.

PS Now on the special offer until the end of the week, the Deluxe gives an additional bonus upon registration.

To play or not is up to you, I just described everything I think about this type of earnings.

We invite you to read a few more reviews about the casino in the comments. Good luck)

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