The Wizard’s Castle is a new tournament from BitStarz Casino with a top prize of € 10,000!

Fans of the legendary Harry Potter and everyone who is not indifferent to magic, do not miss the new promotion from BitStarz casino called “The Wizard’s Castle”. All kinds of ghosts, grindilow water scum, festral horses-skeletons, hippogriff half-griffins await the participants and wish everyone victory!

Even if you are a hereditary Muggle and do not believe in magic, you have a chance to win a lot of prizes while completing forty levels. Bitstrasz does not lower the bar for the individual prize level – 50,000 euros. But only one lucky person will receive the main prize – 10,000 euros and will forever remain in the list of the club’s winners. You don’t need a magic wand – just turn on the excitement and perseverance!

A magical adventure that will not be forgotten

The Arcane Adventure begins on May 31 and ends on July 16. To overcome all forty levels, you will have to remember everything that was taught at the school of young magicians at Hogwarts. Do not rely on spells and the philosopher’s stone alone. Remember, the winner is the one who believes in his own strength, does not skimp on making real bets and does not lose his sense of humor under any circumstances. The Magician’s Adventure is not the first tournament from BitStarz. Those who have taken part in such events know how cool and profitable it is. You can play anywhere in the world, with both traditional money and cryptocurrency. 

A wave of the magic wand will make you a full member of the club

You can come to the competition in the form of Harry Potter or Hermione Granger, Argus Filch, Lucius Malfoy or Minerva McGonagall, furry or his dog, but you will be admitted to the marathon only after registration. Do not hesitate, time cannot be returned by any spells, and it works for you. After the registration procedure, there will be a gift in the form of twenty free spins. And then for the first four deposits, you will receive up to 500 euros or 5 BTC. And the last generous bonus is 180 free spins. 

Users who are already registered in the casino become members automatically, no applications and re-registration will be required. The Magician’s Castle level-up adventure is full of surprises, so practice your magic as you progress and improve your skills. 

Magic will help you move through the levels!

Have you ever played Quidditch flying on a magic broomstick? Not? Don’t tell anyone about this, because many of your opponents are real wizards, determined to win with a prize of 10,000 euros without a wager. But you can become the winner of the “Sorcerer’s Castle” promotion! In any case, no one will be left without a prize, thanks to an individual prize fund of 50,000 euros. 

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