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At the Vavada Casino, the Player Won the Jackpot of 1.3 Million Dollars

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Many people already know that today a player with the nickname Player41284 was caught a fabulous Jackpot in the Vavada Casino. The winnings amounted to 59,739,297 rubles (0.9 m USD). According to the administration of Vavada Casino, this winning was checked and they found an error in the accrual on the part of the provider in the amount of 27,349,889 RUB (0.4 m USD).


According to the final calculations, the winnings are as much as 87,089,186 rubles (1.4m USD) and have already been credited to the player's account. An interview with this incredible lucky winner is expected very soon, in which he will share his impressions and plans for his cash prize.

  • Slot: Diamond Dream Drop
  • Rate: 20 rubles
  • Multiplication: x2.986.964
  • Win: 87 million rubles

Not everyone believes, but this really happens!


Incredibly, the Diamond Dream Drop slot was released just yesterday (October 5, 2022), and the giant jackpot has already been hit!

Interview with the winner

Such grandiose winnings are rare and we are very glad that it was our player Player41284 who was able to break the prize pool of 87,089,186 RUB! Congratulations from the bottom of our hearts. Such a win cannot bypass our "interview" section, so see how it was:

What did you feel when you saw the win on the screen?

To be honest, I didn’t believe it ... The figure was generally unrealistic, I went out to get some air, returned and nothing has changed. I refreshed the page, but the account remains the same. It was only then that it dawned on me that this was kind of real. Although, I still find it hard to believe what happened to me.

Do you remember why you chose this particular slot?

It was the new Dream Drop Diamonds slot. I think almost everyone is bound to try their luck with new products. An additional advantage when choosing was the fact that this is one of my favorite providers. I see that many in the channel consider me a high roller, but in fact, I never really take risks. I played at a rate of 20 rubles and on the 20th or 21st spins I was about to exit, but the Dream Drop bonus fell out. First, Major fell out, which made me very happy. And then Mega fell, it was something unreal…

We are sure that this is your biggest win. How will it change your life?

In material terms, yes, life will change. This definitely only happens once in a lifetime. Of course, I will solve the issue of housing and look for reasonable investment options. I will get what I have long dreamed of, but the work will not go anywhere. Now, with this win, I can help my family and maybe even replace my brother's heart ....

After such a victory, do you consider yourself super lucky?

Honestly? Don't know. Looking at what is happening in my life for the last year and a half, it is like a compensation for fate.

Do you plan to continue playing at the casino?

I think so, but at my previous level. Now I know for sure that Vavada is honest with the players. I checked the game for myself for a year.

What advice would you give to players who want to break at least 1/10 of your winnings?

Probably, to believe, but not to focus on this and have "brakes". This entertainment can be only a small help, but definitely not the goal in life. There is still one slot that will be able to make you happy.

If you were offered to double your winnings, would you play all-in?

I don't like taking unnecessary risks. For me, the recalculation of the winnings has already turned out to be an additional lucky ticket, after which I burst into tears)

P.s. Read our review of Vavada Casino.

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