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NFT game Mobox - how to play it and earn money: step by step instructions for beginners


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In the last article of my blog, I talked in detail about NFT games, what they are and how you can earn money with their help. This direction is relatively new and, according to the forecasts of crypto-experts, it is very promising. Therefore, I decided to delve into it in more detail and tell you about the most relevant and promising NFT games.

In today's article, we will talk about the Mobox crypto game, as it is now one of the most popular NFT-based games. We will analyze in detail how to play it, what is required for this, as well as how much you can earn MBOX cryptocurrencies with it. The article will provide visual instructions, so even a beginner in this field will be able to deal with the process of earning.

Free NFT in Mobox from Binance

Right now, the Binance exchange is giving away a free NFT avatar in Mobox and is running a cool promotion. To participate and claim a freebie, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Binance mobile app, it is important that it is a Pro version and not a Lite one.


  1. On the home screen, swipe the screen from top to bottom. Then scroll to the very bottom and go to MOBOX Games. Get your NFT MOMO avatar.


  1. Next, in the same application, click the "Tickets" button and enter the code 13562183. As a result, you will receive 1 ticket to participate in the draw.


In 5 days, 5,000 NFT boxes will be distributed. And if your ticket is among the winners, you will get it for free.

Important Update : Due to a large influx of new users, Binance's MOBOX Games giveaway is temporarily closed. As soon as the developers correct the errors that have arisen, the game and distribution will resume again. This should happen soon.

Registration in the Mobox game

We will get acquainted with the features, capabilities and functionality of the project along the way. And it all starts according to the standard with the registration process.

  1. Go to the official website of the game Mobox.io, where on the main page click the "Register" button.


  1. Enter your nickname and email address (registration by phone number is also possible). Then click "Verification Code" and enter the received code by mail / phone. In the "Invite Code" field, enter 13562183.
  2. Then come up with a password to enter and you can go to your personal account.

Important : You will need a cryptocurrency wallet to play. Personally, for convenience, I installed the Metamask browser extension, with which the binding to the game account was carried out automatically. 


By logging into your Mobox personal account, you can immediately start the process of earning. It can be carried out both without investments and at the expense of investments. Let's consider each option in more detail.

How to play and earn money in Mobox without investment

The Mobox project has several game modes that allow you to earn MBOX cryptocurrency without investment. All of them are presented in the "Games" section.

Token Master

This is the main game in Mobox, in which you have to buy and upgrade your characters (Momo) in order to fight other players. The winner is the one who has the stronger army of heroes.


At the very beginning in Token Master you are given 20 attempts to fight. Each next attempt recovers 1 hour. In other words, you need to log into the game every hour to have a new fight, or once a day to use all attempts at once.

By the way, you can buy new attempts - each of them will cost you 3 MBOX at the current rate.

Players who top in gold, stars and rank in MOMOpoly (internal roulette) receive a huge amount of MBOX cryptocurrency. But it's not easy to get among the leaders, respectively.


Initially, you are given 3 standard characters for battles, which you can improve by pumping skills. You can get books for pumping by completing quests (for achievements) or for MBOX coins.


Is it possible to reach the top with the help of standard characters, it's hard to say. Most likely you will need to buy more powerful Momo, which will also generate passive income. But I will talk about this below.

Block Brawler

A new game mode where you also have to fight against other players. To do this, by analogy with the Token Master, you are given a character that you will improve and upgrade his skills.


The top players who collect the most trophies in battles or dungeons receive valuable rewards in the form of an MBOX coin.


Trade Action

An interesting game mode that is perfect for traders. If you have never traded cryptocurrency, then this will be an excellent simulator for you, with the help of which you also get the opportunity to earn money without investments.

This section contains 3 mini-games:

  • SimpleTrade - $1,000,000 is given to your virtual balance. You need to trade cryptocurrency with this money. Users who have made the most profit within the set time receive real MBOX cryptocurrency on their balance. Funds are distributed among 150 leading players who receive from 0.1 to 5 MBOX for successful trading.


  • Bull vs Bear - every day you are given 20 attempts to guess which way the Bitcoin price will go in the next 2 minutes. For each correct prediction, a certain number of points is given. 150 players who earned the most points during the day also receive from 0.1 to 5 MBOX.


  • LeverageMania is a mode similar to binary options, where you have to guess how the chart will behave (will it go up or down). By analogy with other trading games, 150 people with the most competent forecasts receive from 0.1 to 5 MBOX.



Several more game modes are currently in active development and will be released on the Mobox project in the near future.

Earning on Mobox on Momo Farmer

As I noted earlier, in order to win more often in the Token Master game and quickly move up the leaderboard, you need to buy strong Momo characters. All actions with them take place in the "Momo Farmer" section.

In the "Market" tab, you can either buy Momo right away or buy boxes from which a random character drops out. Today, one box costs about $190 and a random hero drops out of it. Prices for specific characters start at $70 and go up to several sonnets of thousands of dollars.


In the "My Momo" tab, you can improve your characters, and specifically the "Hash Power" indicator. The more you have, the higher your passive earnings of the MBOX cryptocurrency in the "Mining Camp" tab.

Conclusion + personal feedback

The prospects of the Mobox game and its MBOX cryptocurrency are completely dependent on the administration of the project. Only a few months have passed since the launch, and so far there has been only a positive growth in the development of the project. The administration introduces new earning opportunities, updates regularly and the players obviously like it.

In August of this year, the price of the MBOX coin reached $10+, but now it is trading at $5 amid a general market downturn. In principle, these are good indicators for a young project, and new growth is possible in the coming months, which we will actively monitor.


I would also like to note that the strategic partners of Mobox NFT games are Binance, PancakeSwap, CoinMarketCap and other eminent resources. In addition, the project has been verified by Certik. This indicates that Mobox can be trusted and safely invest free funds.

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