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Squid NFT World - Biswap's Squid Game: How to Play it and Earn Cryptocurrency


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On December 22, a new game called Squid NFT World (The Squid Game) was launched at Biswap. It turned out to be very interesting, with various unique mechanics and features. In this article, we will deal with it in detail and consider the gameplay on a visual instruction.

How to play and earn money in Squid NFT World - step by step instructions

To start earning in Squid NFT World, first of all you need to register a game account. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the official website of the game Squid-NFT.io, where in the upper right corner click "Connect".
  2. Connect your cryptocurrency wallet (Metamask, TrustWallet, Binance Chain or any other of your choice).
  3. An account will be created automatically and you will have full access to the gameplay.

The essence of Squid NFT World is to buy players and buses that will send them to games. If you watched the series "The Squid Game", then you perfectly understand what is at stake.


  • Players are the main asset in the game. Each of them has a so-called squid energy (SE). The strength of the player depends on this indicator.
  • Buses take players to games. They have different levels, on which the capacity depends.

There are two ways to get players and buses:

  1. Mint - You pay $30 (in BSW tokens) and get a randomly generated player and a bus. Of course, the higher the level of the item, the lower the chance of getting it.



  1. Market - a marketplace through which you can buy a player and a bus of the level you need. In my opinion, it is more reliable options, since you can choose specific items yourself, and not play the lottery.



To use the Market, you need to register with Biswap. It is enough to connect your cryptocurrency wallet of your choice in the same way.

When the bus and the character have been purchased, you can start the process of earning. In total, there are 7 games available in Squid NFT World, to which you can send each character with an interval of 48 hours.


Please note that each game has an entry threshold (SE):

  • Destiny Marbles - entry 800 SE, possible prize $8, 89% chance of winning;
  • Slippery Rope - entry 2000 SE, possible prize $16, 88% chance of winning;
  • Red Light, Blue Light - entry 3000 SE, possible prize $23, 87% chance of winning;
  • Flip-Flop Envelopes - entry 4000 SE, possible prize $30, 86% chance of winning
  • Killing Sweets - entry 5000 SE, possible prize $40, 85% chance of winning
  • Crowned Peak - entry 6000 SE, possible prize $50, 84% chance of winning
  • Rock-Paper-Scissors - entry 7000 SE, possible prize $60, 83% chance of winning.



The amount of possible winnings is calculated in BSW and BNB at the current exchange rate. It is important to note that the winnings are equivalent to dollars.

What to look out for when playing Squid NFT World

There are a number of features and nuances in the NFT Squid Game that you definitely need to familiarize yourself with:

  • you choose the strategy yourself - how many players and with what energy to buy, as well as which games to send them to. The main thing is that the capacity of the bus allows;
  • Several buses can be sent to one game at the same time. Upon completion, the players start a timer, and buses, if necessary, can be sent to another account;
  • on the page with the players you need to buy contracts for them - for 15 (15.18 BSW) , 30 (28.23 BSW) or 60 (51.60 BSW) days. It is best to take for 60 days to get the maximum discount of 15%;
  • if you decide to withdraw your winnings on the first day, you will pay a commission of 27%. Every day it decreases by 1.5% and after 18 days it completely disappears. After the withdrawal of profit, the counter is updated;
  • with each purchase by players, the general Jackpot bank is replenished, which at the moment already amounts to more than 100,000 dollars - this amount will be taken by one lucky person, or perhaps it will be divided among several players.

To date, there are a lot of strategies (combinations of players and buses) that allow you to increase your investments by ~2 times in 60 days. And this is without taking into account the fact that after the end of the contract, you can sell your items on the marketplace. Each person must calculate and analyze the situation for himself - all the figures for this are available. It all depends on your budget.


In my opinion, Squid NFT World is a really interesting project with good potential. What explains this? First, the development is handled by an experienced, reliable and proven Biswap team . Secondly, the very sensational name "Squid Game" will attract a huge number of players. Thirdly, the game has a really well-thought-out economy, which should keep it afloat for a long period. And how long, only time will tell, the situation on the market and the efforts of developers.

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