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NFT games for making money - what it is, how they work, top best NFT-based games


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Recently, surfing the Internet, you can find a lot of information and news in which NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens or a non-fungible token) appears. In simple words, this is a unique digital object that has a certain value. And most importantly, each such NFT object is unique and inimitable, it cannot be replaced by another. And the owner information cannot be deleted or changed.


To make it easier for you to understand, let's compare NFTs to a painting or any other work of art. If you own a painting, you can place it in the gallery, and any visitor has the right to admire it, take a photo, or even redraw it. However, this does not mean at all that now he is the owner and receives all rights to it. The same situation is with the NFT object.

In 2022, NFTs began to be used in various areas, one of which was the gaming industry. I decided to delve into this topic and tell you about NFT games that allow you to earn cryptocurrency without investments or with the help of investments. Let's understand what this board of activity is.

What are NFT games and how they work

Everyone who is at least a little familiar with video games knows about the existence of various internal objects in them. It can be characters, artifacts, resources, currency and many other items. Their value and rarity shows progress in the game and advantage over other players.

So, having this or that item in the game, in fact, you are not its full owner. You can only be called a "tenant". This is due to the fact that the item can only exist within the framework of a certain game and its value is set by the developers.

NFT-based games are built a little differently. They are the same video games with the mechanics and gameplay familiar to us, only all internal objects are NFT objects. This means that they have material value, and you are their full owner.

It turns out that with the help of NFT games you can not only have fun in your free time, but also earn real money. NFT items from the game can be freely traded on marketplaces and https://c01n.ru/. You just need to be as active as possible and invest if possible (to increase capital in the future).

What you need to know about NFT games before starting

Games with support for NFT items are closely related to investments. To enter most games, you need to buy items to start the game. It can be characters, land plots, maps, buildings and much more. They allow you to get all the functionality of the game and income from the first day.

Item prices may vary. For example, at the start of several major games, items could be purchased from $10-50. Now, just a few months later, they are already being sold on marketplaces for several hundred dollars. It all depends on demand, popularity, demand and other factors.



If the game develops, adding new modes and features, then the interest and influx of new players will only increase. And along with this, there will be an increase in the cost of in-game NFT items.

There are also games like Play to earn - play to earn. You can play them without investments and a lot will depend solely on your activity. However, reaching a significant income without investment will be much more difficult and will take more time.


What conclusion can be drawn from this? Don't be afraid to invest in games and acquire NFT items. Now the demand for them is very high, due to which the return on investment occurs in the shortest possible time. With the most successful scenarios, you can multiply your investments tenfold in just a couple of months. The main thing is to choose high-quality and reliable projects for work.

The best NFT games of 2021

At the moment, there are already quite a few games with the possibility of earning on NFT tokens. I have prepared a list of 5 fairly popular and large games that are already in high demand on the market and provide ample opportunities for earning and investing.

  • MOBOX (detailed review) is a relatively new up and coming NFT game with several game modes. The main income in the game is brought by characters, after the purchase of which they begin to work in a virtual mine and generate passive income. Additionally, there is an opportunity to earn MBOX cryptocurrencies in the Block Brawler and Token Master games, as well as try yourself as a trader in Trade Action. The list of modes will expand in the future.

Now the MOBOX coin is already being traded on the Binance crypto exchange and costs about $6.



  • Thetan Arena (detailed review) is a new NFT game that can be played on Android and iOS mobile devices, as well as PC. It is the first blockchain based MOBA game with really interesting gameplay.


  • Town Star (detailed review) is a very popular browser-based blockchain game that is an online farm. It is being developed by the promising studio Gala Games, which offers other high-quality NFT projects on its portal.


  • Axie Infinity is a top NFT game that is the most popular representative of the genre today. The essence of the game is to buy characters that you will unite into teams and fight with opponents. The price of the most expensive character in the game already reaches 300 ETH.


  • Splinterlands is an interesting blockchain card game with NFT. Its meaning is to buy cards and make decks with which you will play in the arena and participate in tournaments. The game website has a detailed instruction (guide) on the gameplay in Russian, so there should not be any difficulties with learning.


  • Wavesducks is a very popular NFT duck game. You will need to collect ducks, as well as "cross" them to get more valuable, rare and expensive characters. Now the cost of the most expensive duck already reaches 15 thousand dollars.
  • Upland is a fun game that requires you to buy virtual property. You will be rewarded with visitor fees, as well as special rewards, collections, treasure hunts and other events.


Today, NFT games are a fast-growing trend that brings in a lot of money to active players and investors. Having dealt with all the peculiarities and subtleties of this industry, as well as regularly monitoring new promising games, you can reach amazing financial results. Top players earn hundreds and even thousands of dollars every month from their accounts and NFTs, all through video games. Many can only dream of this, so feel free to break into this niche.

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