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Hi guys! My name is Dmitry, also Pokerman and Tikhonin. I am an online poker and online casino player, on this page I blog about gambling and more.

If someone is interested, you can read my blog in Russian, which I maintain on the Russian-language version of the ProGambler portal.

My contacts on social networks:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dmitrytikhonin/

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I am disappointed with the latest trends in online poker ...

Pokerstars, until recently being the only room in which the seriousness and kind of professional poker still remained, began to slip into some kind of kindergarten. First, they introduce some kind of animated stickers with shit and other unclear who needs attributes, then they remove half, or rather even all MTSnG tournaments, leaving only ondemands. And now they are introducing very dubious games (screenshot below).

All the seriousness of online poker has sunk to its full bottom, some children's toys, pictures, snowflakes, does all this really motivate someone to play, or does it attract "recreational" players ?! Unlikely...

To me, slots already seem to be more "adult" entertainment than modern online poker ..


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In September I rode 100 km on a bike, saw very beautiful places outside my city.  My route: St. Petersburg - Lisiy Nos - Sestroretsk - Solnechnoye - Repino - Komarovo, and back.

If someone comes to St. Petersburg, I strongly recommend repeating my route.  Incredibly beautiful views and nature are provided to you.

You can see some photos of the trip on my Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/p/CkQ5XDjjR99/





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